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ice POP sicles

With more than 50 flavors in artisan palettes in our inventory and change some flavors according to the season. We have 3 categories _Fruit popsicles: no milk or dairy made only quality fresh fruit. _creamy palettes: our palettes are made… Leer más »ice POP sicles


Mangonada is a frozen mango treat with an infusion of bold flavors – it’s sweet, tangy, spicy, & delicious!! It’s Mexico’s favorite treat, It goes by many names such as Chamoyada, Mangoneada, Chamango, but they’re all the same! There’s nothing… Leer más »mangonada


Elote or esquite is a Mexican style ofpreparing corn. Once is boiled or grilled thecorn is slathered with toppings like butter,mayonnaise, Mexican crema, cotija cheese,lime, and chile seasoning. Elotes are a type of antojito (little craving)commonly sold by street vendors… Leer más »esquite